7 Awesome Web Design Tips

Website designing is a dynamic field, wherein creativity and technically are conjoined upon the freedom of choice, and the best mantra for a web development company is “be awesome”.  So here are 7 awesome tips for creating a custom website design for yourself or The Client.

  1. Clarity in Graphics and Animation — every standard corporate web development company has a dynamic graphics team lurking to unleash a kingdom, but make clarity the king.
  1. Animation and HTML— for many designers, HTML is the favorite tool. However, for a web development company, it’s a responsibility to understand the client’s target audience, and not end up giving them a custom website design that several of the visitors can’t access without certain software.
  1. Text to Graphics Ratio— digital marketing is a substantial source of business process, and web content is a substantial source for digital marketing. So coordinate text and graphics to create awesome interfaces.
  1. Short And Sweet Home Page— it was a longtime ago when adding a lot of content in the home page was hype. Today custom website development in Dubai requires fast loading responsive websites.
  1. 3Step Navigation— It should take 3clicks for the user to reach any particular product/service page from the home page.
  1. Soothing Color Schemes— choose cool soothing soft color schemes over flashy bright
  1. Font— choose the font that are easy to read

You can find all the features and functions and global standard professionals offering custom website development in Dubai, however, design is a more person aspect, for there is no metric to signify creativity.

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Mobile Application Development: iOS vs Android

With smart phones and mobile applications becoming a core resource of information sharing, business owners are stricken with dilemma to choose between iOS app development and Android app development as well as Windows apps as the most substantial platform. Despite a tight competition between the technologies, it is improbable to say which the best is. It entirely depends on the functions and features that the user wants to execute through the apps. Consult with a professional mobile app development company that will be able to deliver you mobile app development services for both.

  • Pros and cons of Android Mobile Apps

Android apps has the biggest market share and wider demographics, in the world. It has a greater global outreach, of 82.8%. These apps are easy to publish, Android App Development requires basic mobile app development services. Android phones are available in varied sized, features and prices, which makes these apps more as they suit up to it. However, this can also mean some con, involving a longer and expensive development process, than the iOS platform. It has greater exposure to bugs and fragmentation.

  • Pros and Cons of iOS App Development

iOs mobile apps have a higher app revenue, and a dedicated user base.  It is not focused on market share, instead niche target audience of higher paid urban people and developed countries. It requires sophisticated mobile app development services which enables it to reduce exposure to bugs and fragmentation. However, the only con about it would be that it’s not for everyone.

Quality Assurance: Website Design and Development

Launching a website is like cooking your favorite dish. It should have the right spices before serving.


Owner and staffs need to check on the website and think like the users in checking the website. To make sure amendment will be done if needed.

  • Text/content – are correct and informative
  • Overall design – readable and appealing to the eyes
  • Navigation – easy for people to access the important things on your website
  • Online Marketing – make sure that you target the right keywords to be able to draw business online

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Quality Components of a Good Website Design

Custom Website Design is perfect for your online business. To be able to make it appealing, unique and custom on the services or products you are offering your target market.

Quality Components of a Good Website Design

Website Redesign


How pleasant is to use the design?


How many errors do users make, how severe are the errors and how easily they can recover from the errors?


How easy is it for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design?


Once users have learned the design, how quickly can they perform tasks?


When users return to the design after a period of not using it, how easily can they reestablish proficiency?

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Web Design Consideration

Your website looks is very essential. Here are the keys how can a web design agency can help you with your new website or website redesign.

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Stage 2: Key Design Consideration

Choosing the right elements are essential rule in desining your website to be able to convey your message in simple and effective manner


Make your message be remembered easier.


How easily can your visitors manage information?

Information Placement

What do people expect to see when viewing a page?

Text Clarity

Choose text that is readable and browser friendly.


Choosing a colour pallet — that will make your website appealing.

Information Coding

Coding technique such as the use of colour, object size, shapes and number of designated content.

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Importance of Web Development Company

Here’s Why You Need Web Development Company

In-depth effective planning for our online business.

Stage 1: Effective Planning

Create an Effective plan for your online business.
Important Note: Website is the face of your online business — first impression last.

web development companyPlan the Structure
How you will organise your information?

Plan the Pages
What type of pages do you need and how many are required?

Plan the Navigation
How quickly can your visitors find what they are looking for?

Define the Purpose
What you want your site to do and how are you going to do it?

Define Audience
Who is your target market?

Plan the Content
What type of content/media will your message effectively reach people?

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6 Statistics to Guide Your B2B Web Design Strategy

Regardless of the industry you operate in, when it comes to the B2B world, a professional website is the crux of a successful marketing strategy. A B2B website is the landing spot for digital ads, email campaigns, social media advertising, direct mailers, and everyday communications.

If you don’t already have a clear B2B web design strategy laid out for your firm, it’s time to set one in place. Before you determine whether it’s time for a website redesign or start bidding out website enhancements, check out at these six statistics that will help you determine what matters (and what doesn’t) in your web design strategy.

Mobile Is Key

Even as recent as five years ago, professional websites were being built that weren’t optimized for mobile users. Or mobile versions of the website were built as an afterthought to the main desktop version. This is not the case anymore. Today, all B2B web designs should be built with the mobile user in mind.

Why? Adoption Rate

Almost all Americans, 95% to be exact, own a cell phone of some kind. What’s even more interesting is that 77% of Americans own a smartphone (so they can access the internet and websites from their phone). (Pew Research Center, 2017)

All-Device Experience

This focus on the mobile user’s experience does not mean that mobile-first is the only option for a strong B2B web design. Rather, we argue that a desktop user’s experience is just as important, particularly in B2B where we see more than half of our clients’ website traffic from non-mobile devices.* However, you don’t have to take our word (or research) on it.

Recent reports state that 83% of global consumers report multiscreen behavior, using an average of 2.23 devices at the same time. (Adobe, 2015)

Communicate with Design

The design of your B2B website says a lot about your firm. Is it sending the right message? If your website is more than three years old, it’s worth asking this question. Brands evolve over time and it’s critical that the central component of your marketing strategy, your B2B website, reflects that evolution. Additionally, your target market wants your website to be well designed and nice to look at.

Studies have documented that 59% of global consumers would rather engage with web content that is beautifully designed as opposed to simply designed. (Adobe, 2015)

As the above statistic shows, it’s essential that your firm doesn’t skimp on the design of a website. If you are looking for clients with a minimum lifetime engagement of $10,000 + with your firm, it’s important to invest that much or more in the design of a professional website.

Site Performance Matters

Design matters, but site performance is the first step. If website visitors get frustrated with how long your website takes to load and leave before it loads, then the design has failed. The speed of a website has become more and more critical to the user experience, particularly for mobile users.

In fact, 53% of mobile visitors will abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. (Google, 2016)

This can be broken down even further by how much the bounce rate increases as the load time increases:

The longer it takes your B2B web design to load, the more potential customers you are losing. Your web design strategy should include technical components for increasing the speed of your website and reducing load time.

SEO: Your Competition Is Doing It

Now, there are a lot of great reasons to include search engine optimization (SEO) in with your B2B website strategy: increased visibility, a better user experience, improved traffic, and targeting the right market. Another great reason to implement SEO is because it is essential for remaining competitive in most industries. Many of your competitors have implemented SEO on their websites, so it’s essential that you are also optimizing your firm’s website. You don’t want to ignore SEO just to watch all the traffic from your target market go to your competitor.

Keep in mind that SEO isn’t just about keywords either, it’s about optimizing the coding and display functionality of your website. As we have mentioned in previous blogs on SEO, Google and other search engines have stated that website optimized for mobile will perform better in searches.

A recent survey found that 62% of B2B marketers have optimized their brand’s blog for mobile in order to improve SEO. (SocialMediaExaminer, 2016)

For B2B marketers, whether in competitive spaces or nice industries, SEO is essential to getting in front of a prospect when they are looking for your products or services. SEO should be built into all successful website strategies.

*This is based on estimates gathered from Google Analytics over a 2-year period for B2B firms in a variety of industries.

Source: https://goo.gl/f4sv7c

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