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Mobile Application Development: iOS vs Android

With smart phones and mobile applications becoming a core resource of information sharing, business owners are stricken with dilemma to choose between iOS app development and Android app development as well as Windows apps as the most substantial platform. Despite a tight competition between the technologies, it is improbable to say which the best is. It entirely depends on the functions and features that the user wants to execute through the apps. Consult with a professional mobile app development company that will be able to deliver you mobile app development services for both.

  • Pros and cons of Android Mobile Apps

Android apps has the biggest market share and wider demographics, in the world. It has a greater global outreach, of 82.8%. These apps are easy to publish, Android App Development requires basic mobile app development services. Android phones are available in varied sized, features and prices, which makes these apps more as they suit up to it. However, this can also mean some con, involving a longer and expensive development process, than the iOS platform. It has greater exposure to bugs and fragmentation.

  • Pros and Cons of iOS App Development

iOs mobile apps have a higher app revenue, and a dedicated user base.  It is not focused on market share, instead niche target audience of higher paid urban people and developed countries. It requires sophisticated mobile app development services which enables it to reduce exposure to bugs and fragmentation. However, the only con about it would be that it’s not for everyone.


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