Marketing in Digital World

Internet Marketing Definition: Internet Marketing Services or Online Marketing Services are simply the acts of using the internet to spread word about your offerings.
Internet Marketing Strategies

There are several types of Internet Marketing Strategies involved. They are:

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization stands for the collective Internet Marketing Strategies that are adopted to ensure that a site is ranked higher on a search engine’s results page. SEO experts try to get organic or “free” traffic from search engines in the sense that they do not have to pay for this traffic. SEO also refers to optimizing the site for meeting a search engine’s standards, after which it can get higher rankings.

Search Engine Marketing: This term may sound much like the last one, but there is a big difference. SEO deals with free and organic traffic. SEM on the other hand deals with paid traffic. While the end goal is common for both, the strategy is different. Pay per Click, Cost per Click and similar Internet Marketing Strategies fall within this.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing is a cross between content writing and online marketing. A content marketer both creates content and markets it to the appropriate audience. The goal is to make something valuable and market it to people almost guaranteed to buy it.

Social Media Marketing: In Social Media Marketing, experts engage the target audience online through discussions, surveys and other tactics. Through this engagement they seek to build a lasting relationship with the potential customers and attain goodwill for the company in question.

Affiliate Marketing: This kind of marketing benefits the business owner, the customers and the affiliate doing all the work. The business owner is benefited as people buy from him, customers are benefited as they get useful Internet Marketing Services and products and the affiliate is benefited as he gets revenue through sale commissions.

Email marketing: Email Marketing is one of the very first kinds of Internet Marketing Strategies. However, it is still effective today when one can send a single email to thousands of people at once. If such emails are well written and contain relevant content that actually helps people, there shall be sales and revenue.


The world of internet marketing is a highly competitive one. For almost every product and service, there are thousands of competitors. It pays to use the latest techniques that convert more of your potential customers to actual ones.


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