How to Get Your SEO and Content Teams to ‘Play Nice’ Together

SEO Company in DubaiThe growth of content marketing has created a permanent shift in the way marketers view SEO. Rather than taking a purely technical approach to link-building, many SEO agencies are now expanding their services to include content production and promotion as a way of supplementing other ongoing optimization efforts.

Content certainly hasn’t replaced SEO, especially since there are several technical SEO elements separate from content marketing. Content marketing also has very different goals from search optimization. While SEO primarily attempts to improve visibility and acquire new customers, content marketing covers a multitude of goals, including new acquisitions, customer service, lead nurturing, PR, social engagement boosts and more.

The best approach for a marketer or brand looking for ways to leverage content marketing and SEO is to examine the ways in which they intersect. Some tips to do that:

1. Find a balance in quantity and quality.
2. Focus on evergreen content.
3. Incorporate keywords.
4. Review and reporting.


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