A Mantra for SEO in 2017: Combining Old and New

SEO Services DubaiWhen you’re practicing SEO, it can be quite frustrating to note how often things change. In the SEO world, there are always new techniques and new ideas. Everyone wants their website to get found by new consumers. Everyone wants to go viral, sometimes just for the sake of going viral and sometimes in order to raise their bottom line.

It can be quite easy to get sucked into the world of more and more hits. And “hits” here refer to the number of people who check out a certain piece of content. As to whether getting more “hits really helps to increase sales or achieve your long-term goals remains to be seen.

In the internet world, a piece that goes viral today can very easily disappear tomorrow, unless you keep putting in consistent effort to produce new content. Eventually, it’s the continuity with which you update your website and add new information that works for you in the SEO world. You have to keep adapting to internet trends, adopting the ones that work for you and weeding out the rest.

Here are a few techniques you might want to try in 2017:

1. Providing Actionable Information

  • Replace Promotional Writing and Jargon with Information
  • Make the Information Actionable

2. Creating New Content
3. Recycling Old Content

Source: http://snip.ly/8oq6g

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